Brewdog, Abstrakt AB:24 Brewdog, Abstrakt AB:24 0,375 l

Brewdog, Abstrakt AB:24

  • Producent navn: Brewdog
  • Alkohol: 12 %
  • Enhed: 0,375 l
  • Område:Skotland
  • kr.165.00
  • moms kr.41.25

Our Abstrakt series showcases one-off beers, brewed or blended to the peak of our abilities. Each release is unique and only brewed once!

AB:24 is an imperial-strength Baltic Porter brewed with muscovado sugar and cold-brew coffee. This is a beer that is rich and warming, with a fruity coffee kick.

Lovely now or for drinking with friends far into the future, this elaborate one-off brew will be satisfying no matter what the occasion.